This security alarm saves lives.

Safety for employees who work alone

Safety for your employees who work alone

Under the Working Environment Act, the employer is obliged to take risk-reducing measures when employees are out on a job alone. SmartHelp ensures the safety of employees who work alone in the following ways:

  • When an accident happens, the employee quickly calls for help with the SmartButton. Accidents can be avoided or their consequences minimized due to a quick and correct response from colleagues.
  • The smart decision system is world-leading technology. The system gives you an overview of where employees are when something unpredictable happens and helps you act quickly and efficiently.
  • Privacy is built into the system. Each employee has total control over what and when he / she shares information. All transferred data is encrypted.
  • SmartHelp is easy to use and has no installation cost.
  • You can save time and money. A health service provided its employees with the SmartHelp button. They saved 1.5 hours of work per day by sending one person instead of two to dispense medication to users.
  • You don’t have to hire expensive security. Instead, you can handle inquiries internally and appropriate to the situation.

Useful in daily life, life-saving in case of emergency

As an employee, you get the following benefits from using SmartHelp:

  • You can help colleagues, family and friends in emergency situations and possibly save their lives.
  • Built-in privacy: You have total control over what you share when, with whom and for how long. All transferred data is encrypted.
  • If you feel unsafe, you can quickly call in the help of someone you trust.
  • The SmartButton is discreet: You can call for help without others noticing.
  • You choose in advance who will be notified when you press the SmartButton. You have total control.
  • When you want to be unavailable, you sign out.

How does SmartHelp work?

SmartHelp is a technologically superior personal security alarm with built-in privacy.

When you find yourself in a situation where you feel unsafe, press the SmartButton twice.
Available colleagues will be notified on their mobile phones, see your location in the app and come to your assistance right away.
Your employer will see in the smart decision system that you have sent out notice. They see which of your colleagues are nearby and available, and they can send someone to you. They also see when a colleague has answered your call and is on their way.
Together with your colleague, you handle the situation quickly, safely and correctly.

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