There is only seconds between life and death.

Emergency Call Centers can reduce their time to find the caller’s position from 120 to 0 seconds.

“The pain of a broken back and the shortness of breath caused by lung damage made every second feel like an eternity. I lay there gasping for air and was scared to die. The frustration as I listened to the neighbors talking to the Emergency Call Center when the ambulance was going the wrong way is indescribable.”

– Fredrik Øvergård, SmartHelp Gründer & CEO

Easy handling of a large number of simultaneous callers – that saves lives.

The moment a SmartHelp user calls the Emergency Call Center, the operator automatically gets the exact location of the caller, as well as their name and important health information.

How does it work?
  1. The user dials in with the SmartHelp app. The exact location of the caller is automatically shared with the emergency call operator, as well as their name and important health information.
  2. In the Emergency Call Center, all callers are visible in a map
  3. Simple and intuitive interaction with callers. Are you not able to hear them or are they difficult to understand? Use the built-in chat.
  4. The smart decision system gives you an understanding of the situation and allows you to make the right time-critical decisions. If there are multiple callers from the same event, you can group them together. This makes them easier to manage and gives you an instant overview of the situation. A simple message will be sent out to everyone that their call has been received
  5. Coordinate the emergency response in the smart decision system quickly and easily.
We can demonstrate the smart decision system to you online, or meet you at your own Emergency Center – for free.
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SmartHelp in action: NATO exercise in Norway in 2018

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