Help your loved ones.

How can you help your friend who has a violent husband? How can you make sure your teenage daughter who is at a party is safe?

SmartHelp helps you help your family and friends.

SmartHelp is a discreet personal security alarm. This is how you, your family and friends benefit from SmartHelp:

  • You can help family members and friends in emergency situations and possibly save their lives.
  • Using the SmartButton is discreet: people around won’t notice when you are using it. That makes calling for help easy and safe.
  • You choose in advance who will be notified. You have total control.
  • Location sharing via the app is a handy tool in everyday life. When you share your location with someone, they will be able to keep track of where you are. This works across devices and is especially handy for meeting someone in an unfamiliar or confusing place, such as a concert venue.
  • Built-in privacy: You have total control over what you share when, with whom and for how long. All transferred data is encrypted.
  • When you want to be unavailable, you sign out.
Hearing impaired? What do you do if something happens and you need immediate help?
You can now contribute to Emergency Call Centers getting an alert service that works for the hearing impaired. Early access to the service included.
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How does SmartHelp work?

SmartHelp is a discreet personal security alarm that helps you help your loved ones.

When a family member or friend needs help or assistance, they press the SmartButton twice.
You will be notified on your mobile phone, see their location in the app and can come to their assistance.
With just one click, you reply that you are on your way. Others in the sender’s recipient group will automatically be notified.
You can help friends and family in unsafe or emergency situations and possibly save their lives.


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