1. SmartHelp

Råd AS (hereinafter the Supplier) has all intellectual property rights to the SmartHelp application. These General Terms and Conditions (the User Agreement) govern the terms of use of the application between you as a user and the Supplier. These Terms apply in addition to any Terms of Use of the current or future Additional Services for the SmartHelp Application. The Supplier may update SmartHelp and provide SmartHelp with new functionality, and the User Agreement applies to the use of SmartHelp with functionality offered at any time on the website smarthelp.no.

2. License (right of use)

By using this website and downloading SmartHelp and accepting this User Agreement, you are granted a free, personal, non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable license to use the website and SmartHelp in current and future versions in accordance with this User Agreement. You may not copy, modify, distribute or sell any part of the software or services provided by the Provider other than as provided in the User Agreement or other written agreement with the Provider. By using the website and downloading SmartHelp and registering as a user of SmartHelp, you are deemed to have accepted these terms.

3. Using SmartHelp

Age limit: Unless otherwise stipulated, SmartHelp is only available to persons over 13 at the time of signing the agreement. By using SmartHelp you guarantee that you are over 13 years of age.

SmartHelp is provided as is (“as is”) without any guarantees of uptime, functionality or support, nor from services provided by third parties in connection with Smarthelp. SmartHelp is not responsible for the quality or validity of any content presented in the SmartHelp application, on smarthelp.no or web pages linked to or in the related documentation.

The Supplier shall not be held liable for any damage or loss arising from the use of SmartHelp.

You are solely responsible for the use of SmartHelp and are obliged to use SmartHelp with associated services only for the purposes set forth in the User Agreement and within the limitations of the applicable law or special terms set out for the particular services that you use.

SmartHelp is a supplement to other sources of communication and information. There may be cases where technical problems, including lack of coverage, result in the functionality of the application not being used 24/7/365.

You as a user are responsible for the fact that the information you provide when using the application is correct and that the application is used properly for its purpose. Emergency calls should only be used in emergency situations.

4. Personal information

The Supplier takes privacy seriously and guarantees to store and use personal data only to the extent and extent necessary for the application’s functionality. Providers will never handle, store or transfer personal data without your prior consent, except where required by public authorities or by law. Upon request, the Supplier will give you access to, change or delete personal information about you.

The daily responsibility for the processing of your personal data lies with the Supplier. SmartHelp and Smart Decision Support make use of data center services provided by ITsjefen AS. The supplier has routines for internal control and information security in accordance with current privacy rules in Norway.

By using SmartHelp, you agree that the Provider with Affiliates will handle the personal information required for the applicable and enlightened functionality of the Application at any time, including the information provided about yourself at registration and location data, in order to provide the services associated with SmartHelp, for to improve the Supplier’s offered products and services and to adapt the communication to you and those you communicate with using SmartHelp as well as for statistical purposes.

By using the application, you agree that the personal information available to and in the application will be made available to emergency message centers and other emergency organizations using the Supplier’s Smart Decision Support software. An overview of centers and organizations can be found at smarthelp.no.

By accepting these terms as mentioned in paragraph 2, you agree to receive general information from the Supplier that is relevant to the use of SmartHelp and matters related to this User Agreement, as well as the use of your personal information as set out in the User Agreement, including the personal data of the Supplier we hold as applies to you being made available to the parties with whom the Supplier has a contractual relationship with SmartHelp at all times.

5. Amendment and termination of the User Agreement

The Supplier has the right to change the terms of the User Agreement. In the event of changes of material importance, the Supplier shall notify you via SMS or e-mail at least 30 days before the change takes effect. If you do not wish to accept the Terms after modification, you may terminate the User Agreement with immediate effect by ceasing to use and delete the Application. If you later use SmartHelp again, this is considered a new acceptance of the User Agreement.

Substantial breach of the User Agreement gives the Supplier the right to terminate the User Agreement with immediate effect. Upon termination by the Supplier, use of the application must cease with immediate effect. You may terminate this User Agreement with immediate effect by sending an email to support@smarthelp.no In such termination, the Supplier warrants to delete all information about you and this agreement within a reasonable time and at the latest in accordance with applicable legal requirements.

6. Choice of law and dispute resolution

The Terms of Use shall be regulated and interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law at all times. Disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Norwegian courts. The Sør-Trøndelag District Court is agreed as the approved venue.